MCN Deputy Editor /
What Bike? Editor, Bauer Media

Fast Bikes Editor 2004-2012, Future Publishing

Talented, creative, trustworthy, diligent and effective people are seemingly hard to find these days – but having spent many years working directly with Andy, I’m happy to confirm that he is all of these things.

We started working together on magazines when he was not long out of university, and he grew rapidly into an invaluable member of the design team, always looking for creative, technical, and reader-focused ways to improve every page he worked on. Promotions were earned in quick succession, and as Art Editor of Fast Bikes magazine he shaped and guided the layout, style and structure of the magazine with a firm determination backed by market knowledge and a superb grasp of consumer publishing – all underpinned by excellent technical ability in image processing and reproduction and tireless commitment. This was all done in effortless collaboration with all content providers, and the management team. If there was a better way to get the perfect result, you could be sure he’d find it.

Far from having a single field of interest of expertise, Andy has the ability to turn his hand to all elements of content creation. From organisation, planning and logistics to art direction, photography, image manipulation, design and final reproduction work he has consistently proven himself to be effortlessly capable of delivering complete projects to a fantastic standard.

Beyond his hard-trained management, design and photography skills, the great pleasure of working with Andy is that everything is delivered with excellent humour, honesty, passion and warmth. You’ll struggle to find a more genuine collaborator, whether it’s for the most simple of design jobs, or to capture the essence of one of the most important days of your life.


I’ve been working with Andy in the motorcycle industry for over a decade, in design, creative and photographic capacities – and he’s consistently made me look good! From crafting pages in Fast Bikes magazine to lying in the middle of the road aiming a camera, Andy’s work ethic and commitment is unquestionable, and his inventive aptitude unrivalled. It’s also crucial to add that working with someone who rides and fully comprehends motorcycles is a key facet; nailing a particular shot, understanding moto dynamics, doing everything possible to get the job done.


At Factory Jackson, we are all about the best possible mountain bike images - they need to have impact; be pin sharp and in case of action, be dynamic and aspirational. Capturing mountain bikes in the right environment can be a wet, cold and muddy job - Andy is prepared for the worst and willing to work hard to get the right shot. He brings an artistic eye to outdoor photography, and knowing his equipment inside out, he delivers consistently excellent images. On top of that, his processing has that dramatic punch we look for. A pleasure to work with.

Art Editor, Anthem publishing

Worked under you for six years so know how good your work is... great features, covers and an idea lead approach. You made Fast Bikes number one! It can only be a good thing that Classic Ford will now have fresh eyes and ideas and one of the best Art Editors I know. Your colour correction and art working have also always been amazing and I think Simon will see a big improvement there too. It's a strong mag with a great editor who has always supported me so think you and Si will make it even better now.

Marketing, Events
and Motorsport Manager, KTM

Andy really gets it. What that 'it' is changes. If it's a straight forward job then Andy gets on with the job and executes it with flair and panache, delivering what you wanted - plus that little bit more. For other more creative jobs I like the way Andy visualizes the end product, brings you with him as he creates his vision, and sets out to produce what you knew was possible, but couldn't actually picture. And all this is done with real enthusiasm and a smile on his face.


Andy is a great guy to have on your team, passionate about his work, committed to standards of quality with a good creative head and a sure eye for magazine and packaging design.

Publisher, Double A Media

SNOW, Cycle Traveller,
Active Traveller, On Foot Traveller

Andy is the best designer we have worked with. His work is always of the highest quality and no problem is too big to solve. Changes are made without any issues and the artistic vision for the products he designs is always well thought out and communicated. He is super easy to work with and never fails to get the job done on time, even with the un-realistic deadlines we often work to! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Label Release Manager,
Jasmine Records

Andy came to us having never done CD artwork and we have now completed 20+ jobs with him and we plan to do many more.  Personable and reliable Andy delivers designs quickly and professionally, he is quick to adapt new working practises and is more than happy to try new ideas.  If you need a professional designer with a keen eye for detail as well as being easy to deal with then Andy is the guy to go to.

Editor, Driving Sounds Magazine

Having used AS Design to design the past four issues of our specialist magazine, Driving Sounds, we have found Andy to be meticulous, creative and extremely knowledgeable in the field of magazine production. He has also created a number of great print ads for us. Most recently we have utilised Andy’s photographic skills for a car shoot to great effect. An excellent all-rounder.